Tis the Season to be....

The Holiday season has arrived and what better way to celebrate than purchasing some beautifully packaged holiday chocolates from Neuhaus to give as gifts or present to your host and hostess or have for dessert at your own holiday celebrations.  

Neuhaus has also created, just in time for the holidays, the Winter Irresistible collection which consists of three new flavors just for this season, Tiramisu, Apfelstrudel, and Cheesecake.  Not only are they beautiful but they are delicious.  The round holiday box is filled with only these delightful Winter Irresistibles.

Also, new for this holiday season are three new truffles.  Made with the same dark chocolate buttercream as all of their truffle creations, these have the added flavors of Belgian Waffle, Speculoos and Cheesecake and last but not least Hops.

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