75% Singe Origin Vince Coban, Guatemala - Vegan

All our Dark chocolate bars are VEGAN. No soy , no other fat. This is a mayan Cooperative run exclusively by Mayans. This coop is certified organic and invested heavily in post harvest processes to maximize the flavor potential of their cocoa beans. Guatemala will become a leading source for fine flavor cacao. Unlike many cocoa producing countries, their genetic stock is still native from the area. These trees are for fast growing cocoa hybrds trees. Taste the difference.

EVERYTHING DISAPPEARS...  the packaging is made of paper, as well as the label . The inner wrapper is: The NatureFlex™ 1.2 mil bulk cellophane bags which are made from 100% clear compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forest. (3.2 oz)

Ground organic cocoa beans, undeodorized organic cocoa butter,

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