Camellia Sinensis Teas

Camellia Sinensis Tea Company began in 1998 as a small tea house in Montreal Canada with a commitment to bringing the garden to your cup.  The partners are involved in every step of the process to guarantee the freshness and authenticity of each tea and personally develop relationships with the growers all over the world.

Camellia Sinensis Teas are single sourced teas; meaning the partners select the fresh teas from the growers and package them directly.  No middleman or distributor involved, no mixing teas with other unknown growers.  

Each tea bag is made entirely of plant based fibers, all materials approved by the strictest food industry regulations (FDA/EU).  no nylon is used whatsoever.  With their pyramid shape, these compostable bags give your leaves all the necessary space to steep freely and release their freshness into your cup.