Love Letter 2023 Limited Edition Hearts


Nothing is quite as mysterious and elusive as love, so what better way to honour it than with a chocolate mystery this Valentine’s Day? Solve the clues, indulge, and reveal the mysterious flavour combinations hidden in the LIMITED EDITION Love Letter Box.


CARAMEL & CHILI    A heart of milk chocolate composed of one half, filled with caramel d’Isigny salé (sel de Guérande) spiced up with chili, and another half with a crunchy salty hazelnut praliné.

COFFEE & HAZELNUT   A dark chocolate heart with in one half a ganache with ristretto coffee, and in the other a hazelnut gianduja.

WATERMELON & LYCHEE     A heart of white chocolate with one half filled with dark chocolate ganache with watermelon, and the other half filled with a milk chocolate ganache enriched with lychee.

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