Pralines to Pair with Wine

Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers worked closely with world-renowned wine experts to create six brand new chocolate pralines in two distinct tasting flights, each designed to pair beautifully with red and white wines, respectively. Each praline’s balanced mix of taste, texture, and cocoa intensity and the use of noble and all natural ingredients like Earl Grey tea, saffron, cardamom, and acacia honey make these pralines a delicious companion to certain types of wine. Because both the pralines and wines have complex taste profiles with multiple layers, when expertly paired, they complement each other beautifully, heightening the nuanced flavors of both.

If you can't decide which to choose, select the Wine Pairing Collection.  Enjoy your chocolates and wine with a party of 4, with the Wine Pairing Collection.  24 pieces pralines

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