Rishi Cocoa Mint


 Welcome this holiday season with a blend reminiscent of a favorite seasonal indulgence - peppermint hot cocoa.  Sumptuous cocoa shells and sweet, cooling peppermint are combined in perfect harmony.  With just the right balance of pleasing spices, cinnamon and cloves, this blend is sure to become your newest tradition.

Cocoa Mint warms inside and out with the simple comfort and cheer of mint & chocolate.

Caffeine Free

Each box contains 15 Tea sachets



Leaf Amount 1 Sachet Water Amount  8oz | 250mL Water Temperature  200°F | 93°C Steep Time  5 to 7 minutes


Organic cocoa shells, organicpeppermint, organic cinnamon, organic cocoa nibs, organic cloves, natural chocolate flavor

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