Vegan Rice Milk Chocolate Bar


Vintage Plantations Vegan bar is made with organic brown rice. Rice milk is a nutritious option for those who are allergic to Dairy. We then mix it with organic cocoa beans shelled and ground, Vegan cane sugar organic cocoa butter and Vanilla. You will notice a much darker, richer color, as we use real cocoa liquor and not alkalized  cocoa powder to make our Vegan milk chocolate... resulting in a   Milk bar which is  less sweet than most milk bar and a lot more flavorful. Notice the end note when you ate the bar: it is not a sensation of sugar but of chocolate notes.

30% Cocoa

Vegan, Gluten Free

EVERYTHING DISAPPEAR.... the packaging is made of paper, as well as the label . The inner wrapper is: The NatureFlex™ 1.2 mil bulk cellophane bags which are made from 100% clear compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forests

ground organic cocoa beans, undeodorized organic cocoa butter, organic evaporated cane sugar, organic rice milk, non GMO soy lecithin.
     May contain traces of nuts.

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