About Us

We love our premier line of Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates.  Since 1958 they have demonstrated years of know-how and their ability to create excellence in chocolates.   You will enjoy our American Chocolatiers as well!


Our Chocolates

You will be more than pleased with the quality of Neuhaus chocolates with their exquisite blending of pure Belgian chocolate and a wide variety of fillings all made with pure creams, butters, nuts, and sugar.

When you bite into a piece of the chocolate we sell, not only does it melt in your mouth with each of the flavors, in a single piece, coming through in a harmonious burst of pleasure.

To really appreciate the experience, purchase a box and we know you will be back for more.

 Our Beginnings

 Being foodies we love experiencing foods from all over the world and Belgium chocolates is our favorite.  When the opportunity arose to open our own chocolate shop we were excited to share the things we love with others.  Our enthusiasm spilled over and in 2019, our first year of business we became the #1 Independent retailer in the nation for Neuhaus Belgian chocolates.



 Enjoy the very best chocolates on earth!
The Exquisite Chocolates Team