About Us

We exclusively sell Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates with 162 years of know-how and their ability to create excellence in chocolates. 


Our Chocolates

The quality of the chocolate we sell is an exquisite blending of pure Belgian chocolate with a wide variety of fillings all made with pure creams, butters, nuts, and sugar.

When you bite into a piece of the chocolate we sell, not only does it melt in your mouth with each of the flavors, in a single piece, coming through in a harmonious burst of pleasure.

To really appreciate the experience, purchase a box and we can guarantee you will be back for more.

 Our Beginnings

It began with an ah-ha moment after watching the film ‘Chocolat’ with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche.
It was after that moment in 2002 that we set up shop in Culpeper, Virginia, with a single chocolate case and 300 square feet and viola, the Frenchman’s Corner was born.
We sold our #1 Independent retailer in the nation for Neuhaus Belgian chocolates in the Fall of 2018.




Meet the Owners

     Marc and Meg Oremiatzki-Ast, Owners


Marc Oremiatzki-Ast, is a French-born naturalized U. S. citizen and  Meg his American born wife have been in the been in the brick and mortar retail business for over 17-years selling high-end brand chocolates manufactured both in Belgium and in the United States.
                       Corine and Marc Rozental, Owners                                     
Marc and Corine were both born and raised in Belgium and are well acquainted with the country of some of the finest chocolate in the world.
Prior to entering the world of retail, Corine worked for a Japanese bank and Marc for the European Commission. 
 They began their journey as retailers of French and foreign literature in Brussels serving many foreign visitors from around the world. 
As with many brick and mortar businesses, they began to see a decline in business due to the advent of the internet and the beginning of e-books.
It was during this time that we approached them about looking into the possibility of becoming a Neuhaus franchisee.
Neuhaus used to have a shop on Rue de Tongres and wanting a presence there again, and so began Corine and Marc’s journey into the world of Neuhaus. 
 Enjoy the very best chocolates on earth!
The Exquisite Chocolates Team