Chocolate Glossary

Neuhaus chocolates have a wide variety of fillings and flavours.


A filling compromising a subtle blend of butter and natural flavourings mixed to give a fine, light mousse.


Caramel is a mixture produced when granulated sugar is cooked until it melts and becomes a thick, clear liquid that can range in colour from golden to deep brown.

Fondant sugar

A blend of sugar and natural flavours, beaten together to give a really creamy texture, ready to be used in a praline.


A filling created by mixing chocolate with milk or cream. It is characterized by a smooth texture with a strong cacao flavour (depending on the percentage of milk or cream). Natural flavours can be added such as caramel, liquor, coffee, fruit or any other taste that has inspired the chocolatier.


A smooth mixture made with hazelnuts and milk or dark chocolate. The difference between a praline filling and gianduja filling lies in the proportion of hazelnuts used in the recipe. Gianduja fillings are made with a minimum of 20% hazelnuts, while it could be less for a praline filling. The milk chocolate which is added to the mixture gives the blend a pronounced refinement and an incomparably smooth character.


A filling made out of a blend of finely-ground almonds and sugar, slowly ground together and can then be coated in chocolate. For its marzipan, Neuhaus uses a minimum of 50% almonds from Faro in Portugal, a region renowned for its high quality almonds.


A blend of butter and real chocolate, whipped together to produce a light frothy filling.


A hard biscuit with irrestible flavour. This delicacy is made of sugar and hazelnuts, with a taste of caramel. This is the essential ingredient of the jewels of Neuhaus “Irrésistibles”: Tentation, Caprice, Désir, Plaisir and Séduction.


Not to be confused with the French words “praline”, which means chocolate. Praliné is a filling made out of ground, roasted, caramelised hazelnuts and/or almonds with sugar. Chocolate may sometimes be added for the texture. The Neuhaus range includes 20 different pralinés.


A smooth mixture of chocolate, butter and sugar, drenched in dark chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa, flakes of chocolate or almond shavings. Irregular in shape but generally round, these small temples of sensual pleasure come in a wide variety: coffee, cognac, speculoos, Marc de Champagne or other rich flavours.