Cervantes Coffee Espresso Blend


This specially crafted espresso blend is a unique combination of freshness in the roast, and distinct origins, all coming together for a sweet and balanced espresso. 

Our espresso blend is proven to provide great flavor on commercial as well as home espresso machines and equipment. Meant to be ground before the brewing, we only sell this coffee bag in whole bean. 

QUIXOTE Cupping Notes: Complex, a bright citrus acidity with floral aroma, rich cocoa flavor, and a honey-sweet finish.

Cervantes Coffee Roasters from Springfield, VA  import small amounts of coffee from Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua and Honduras.  They work directly with the small farmer cooperatives and visit the farms several times a year to maintain relations with farmers. 

Roasting coffee is their passion and you will notice it when you try the coffee.

Available in 1 lb bags of whole beans.

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